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The Bridge Between Tooth Loss and Dental Implants

The Necessity of Bone Grafting

Tooth loss has a significant effect on the appearance of your smile, but it affects the natural structure of your mouth as well. When one or more missing teeth are not replaced, the resulting bone loss can cause existing teeth to shift, gums to recede, and even the shape of your face to change. While dental implants are the most ideal tooth replacement, some patients will require bone grafting first to ensure the long-term success of their dental implants. Our bone grafting procedures are safe and effective, performed by one of our experienced dentists using advanced technology and techniques. If you are missing one or more teeth, bone grafting can bridge the gap between tooth loss and permanent tooth replacements.

Dental bone grafting procedure animation

Our Bone Grafting Procedure

The purpose of bone grafting is to build up the volume of bone in the area of the jaw where tooth loss has occurred. When this area is fully healed, the bone will have sufficient height, width, and density to support dental implants. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your jaw bone to determine the extent of your bone loss and your personalized bone grafting procedure. During your bone grafting procedure, bone from a donor source is placed at the treatment site, then covered with a collagen strip that protects the area while it heals. Bone grafting is completed in our modern office and with local anesthetic, though we provide stronger levels of sedation to ensure the greatest level of patient comfort. Many of our patients who have been told they do not qualify for dental implants can become candidates after a bone grafting procedure.

Advantages of Bone Grafting

  • More tooth replacement options
  • Slows drifting of existing teeth
  • Preserves facial appearance
  • Restores bone volume and density

Is bone loss affecting your smile?

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