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Root Canal Therapy Saves Infected Teeth

Root canal therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that restores a natural tooth affected by infection and decay. Contrary to the stigma, a root canal is not painful when performed by one of our experienced dentists trained in modern techniques and sedation dentistry. If you are suffering from chronic tooth pain, seek treatment as soon as possible. Tooth pain is oftentimes the result of a cracked or injured tooth or a tooth that has a large cavity and can lead to the spread of infection and risk for tooth loss or extraction. For most of our patients, root canal therapy is a single-visit appointment that leaves then relieved of their tooth pain and able to once resume daily activities with restored comfort.

Treatment of an infected tooth
  • Prepping for Treatment

    If you come to our office with tooth pain, we begin with x-rays that help us pinpoint the cause of your discomfort. If a root canal is necessary, we begin treatment by numbing your tooth with local anesthetic. Virtually all our patients find that relief from their tooth pain begins at this point, even before the actual procedure is complete.

  • Removing the Infection

    Access to the infection or decay is gained by removing the top portion of the tooth enamel. The infected tooth pulp is carefully removed, then the pulp chambers are sanitized and cleaned. The empty pulp chambers are filled with a hardening material called gutta-percha, then the opening in the tooth is sealed to block further bacteria.

  • Restoring the Tooth

    Many teeth will need to be “capped” with a custom dental crown for protection and strength. Our CEREC technology allows us to design your crown and fabricate it in-office, saving you an additional appointment. Dental crowns help improve the strength of your tooth while restoring its shape and color.

Expertise in Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals Inwood, WV

Root canal therapy is a common procedure at our office, but it does require a higher level of detail to ensure that infection is removed and the tooth is fully restored. Our dentists are highly experienced in root canal therapy, purposefully incorporating modern techniques and technology to improve the outcomes of your treatment. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please schedule a consultation with our office. Root canal therapy can save your tooth and restore its health!

Signs you may need a root canal include:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Darkening tooth color
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Sharp pain when biting or chewing
  • Swelling or gum tenderness

Let us eliminate your tooth pain.

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