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When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Tooth extractions are needed for a variety of reasons, including severe gum disease or decay, fractures or cracks beyond repairing, or tooth crowding. Tooth extractions are never a go-to procedure, and we determine if a tooth needs to be removed only after other restorative measures have been unsuccessful. With local anesthetic, tooth extractions are virtually painless procedures that we perform on a routine basis using the most advanced techniques and dental tools. If you need tooth extractions, we provide safe and comfortable treatment that ensures the health and function of your smile.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

What to Expect with Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are necessary when problems with one or more teeth cannot be resolved, which can increase the risk of the spread of infection or bacteria. Our tooth extractions are straightforward and safe, always completed after the treatment site is fully numbed. During your extraction, you should only feel slight pressure and no pain. After your tooth is removed, we thoroughly clean the area and either suture the area or provide bone grafting, if necessary. Recovery varies per patient, though many experience mild soreness and swelling after tooth extractions, while the area heals. If you experience pain and swelling that lasts more than a few days, please contact our office immediately.

Dental Implants Replace Teeth Long-Term

Patients who need tooth extractions have many alternatives to a missing tooth. Oftentimes, we recommend dental implants after tooth extractions, because they are the only permanent tooth replacement option that is virtually identical to the look, function, and health of natural teeth. Dental implants can sometimes be placed immediately after tooth extractions or after bone grafting, if it has been some time since a tooth has been lost or extracted.

megan wisdom tooth extraction patient Inwood WVMegan - tooth extraction patient

Benefits of Tooth Extractions

  • Eliminate tooth pain
  • Protect surrounding teeth
  • Restore or maintain oral health
  • Halt spread of infection or bacteria

Restore your smile’s health!

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