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Minimally-Invasive, Non-Surgical BOTOX® Treatment

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Reduce Wrinkles or Relieve Chronic Headaches

BOTOX® is a dual-purpose treatment option that is effective at both reversing the effects of aging and helping relieve the pain and discomfort caused by TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. When administered by one of our certified dentists, BOTOX can significantly improve how our patients look and feel, without the need for surgical treatment or complex procedures. Whether used for cosmetic or functional purposes, custom BOTOX treatment can relax muscles in the face to smooth wrinkles or reduce tension and pain from the TMJ. Are you unhappy about an excess of lines and wrinkles in your face? Or do you grind your teeth and suffer from chronic headaches and jaw pain or tension? We are experienced in custom, targeted BOTOX treatment to improve your facial appearance and comfort.

  • Cosmetic Treatment

    BOTOX injections cause temporary paralysis of facial muscles around the mouth, nose, eyes, and forehead. BOTOX helps create a more youthful appearance by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles that give people an aged look. By reducing the activity of the underlying facial muscles, BOTOX can reduce the visibility of crow’s feet and frown and laugh lines.

  • TMJ Therapy

    BOTOX injections are used to help relieve jaw tension and discomfort from TMJ disorder. If the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) becomes overworked or displaced due to teeth grinding, BOTOX treatment can relax the muscles attributing to pain. BOTOX also helps relieve jaw pain, chronic headaches, and more severe cases of lockjaw.

Dr. Banks explains how Botox can be used for both therapy and cosmetic treatments.
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Enhance How You Look and Feel

We are certified to administer BOTOX injections and are trained in cosmetic treatments and TMJ therapy. If you are dissatisfied with how fine lines and wrinkles are affecting your facial features, we provide custom BOTOX treatment to restore youthful beauty. Patients suffering from TMJ disorder can find relief with targeted BOTOX injections that ease headaches and jaw pain. As part of your comprehensive treatment plan or as stand-alone treatment, BOTOX is a safe and reliable cosmetic and functional treatment option for patients searching for minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatment.

The Proof Is In Our Patients

before Botox treatment After Botox treatment

Botox - Case 2

before Botox treatment After Botox treatment

Botox - Case 2

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