Root Canals: Why Are They Needed?


Root Canals
A root canal is considered a necessary dental procedure if the pulp inside the patient’s tooth becomes diseased and begins to decay. Most patients discuss having severe pain and in order to relieve a patient of this pain a root canal would need to be performed and the pulp would need to be removed. It is important that you seek treatment if it is needed.

Root Canals Eliminate These Symptoms
There are numerous symptoms that are associated with an infected tooth. These symptoms include:

  • Permanently discolored tooth
  • Abscess forming on the gums
  • Sensitivity to cold and hot drinks
  • A toothache that doesn’t go away
  • Tenderness and swelling of the gums

The above-mentioned symptoms can negatively impact a patient’s life and cause them an immense amount of discomfort. These symptoms if left untreated can lead to major oral health problems.

How does a Root Canal Benefit You?
A root canal eliminates infection by stopping it from spreading to other teeth or gum tissue. If it is left untreated and the infection is allowed to spread this is could be detrimental to a patient’s oral health. If you get a root canal and the diseased pulp is removed from your gum and you get to keep your tooth.

Schedule Your Examination
If you are experiencing any kind of tooth pulp infection then it’s vitally important that you reach out to our office to schedule an examination. This will allow our dentist to give you a full examination and then treatment in the form of a root canal if it is determined that you are in fact suffering from pulp infection.